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Here’s a bit of good news.

If you check the labels of bottled water sold in the metro DC area, you’ll find a lot of it comes from Pennsylvania. This is a state with 6,391 active fracking wells for natural gas, as you can see here:

How close are these wells to the sources of bottled drinking water?

Judging by the amount of shelf space it gets in area stores, the Deer Park brand seems to be the most popular. They list the Pennsylvania sources of their water here:

They list New Tripoli, PA; Bangor, PA, Stroudsburg, PA; Hegins, PA, South Coventry, PA; Pine Grove, PA

A quick survey of these locales in Google Maps shows them to be in the eastern or southeastern parts of the state, pretty well away from the fracking activity. It also makes sense they would be toward the east since their largest markets are all on the east coast.

So it looks like Pennsylvania bottled water, at least the Deer Park brand, is safe from fracking contamination…for now.

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August 21, 2014 at 12:36 pm

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