Every Night is Open Mic Night

Ellen posted a comment and for some reason I can’t post a reply comment (inbox me if you’ve had the same problem). Will work on geting that sorted, but meantime I’m responding here.

I was actually hesitant about doing a blog because I’ve got to produce a lot of paid work to meet expenses. I’m not certain even now that I have time to spare for blogging. One of the recurring themes I see expressed by successful writers is that they write because they can’t help it. That was never my problem until this summer. I’ve been writing more than ever before and somewhere along the line, the hook set. The paid research and writing has stirred up a mental ferment and spurred the urge to write on other matters, and I’ve been transformed into one of those craven wretches who writes because he must.

Until recently my thinking was, hey, there are millions of blogs already. Does the world need another one? Not really. Does the world need more good blogs? Well, yeah – quality is always welcome.  And I have just enough hubris to believe I can do a blog better than most, so here I am to test that premise.

You can now commence to hurl your peanut shells and tomatoes – you know you want to. But we’re only at the bar-band stage of blogging now. Ok, ok, we’re at the open mic stage. But it’s not karaoke, it’s all original, so give it time.